I want a brighter future for Albuquerque and our community.

My foundation in life was built early on as a member of the Marine Corps where I specialized in aviation support, including service with the presidential helicopter squadron. After I left the Marines as an E-6, staff sergeant, I worked in a variety of jobs until 10 years ago when Albuquerque became my home. I moved here to help my father, a retired Air Force veteran, successfully battle lung cancer. After graduating from CNM and UNM, I became a data analyst at UNM. Now my roots are firmly planted here.

But that desire to serve that motivated me to join the Marines at 17 has never left me. I learned that Marines take care of each other and that no one is left behind. I learned that pulling together to achieve a common mission is the best path to true success.

As your City Councilwoman, I will continue on that path. I will be dedicated to working together with the District 8 community listening to you and speaking on your behalf. I will propose evidence-based solutions to address underlying problems in Albuquerque.

I promise to work with you to make Albuquerque and our City Council District a great place to live, work, raise a family, and retire.



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