We are defined by our core values.

For Maurreen Skowran, candidate for Albuquerque’s District 8 City Council seat, two of those defining values are a willingness to do the hard work to make things better and a commitment to service to country and community.

She learned the value of working hard to meet a goal as a young child overcoming a crippling bone disease. Through those years of hospitalization, traction, a brace, and poor mobility, Maurreen’s mom repeatedly told her, “You can do anything, if you want to bad enough.” Sure enough, she learned to walk and jump and run again.

Maurreen recovered so completely that, as a 17-year-old who had just graduated from high school, she followed the family tradition of military service and joined the U.S. Marines. The Marine Corps was a place to serve and a place to hone that can-do attitude.

As a Marine, she specialized in aviation support, which included service with the presidential helicopter squadron. She left the Marines as an E-6, staff sergeant.

In the following years, she worked in a variety of jobs, including stints working as an educational assistant helping kids learn math, and assisting in a group home for the mentally disabled.

She moved to New Mexico to help her then-retired Air Force dad overcome lung cancer. And after living in three foreign countries – Japan, Germany, and the Philippines – and 12 states, she found a permanent home in Albuquerque.

Maurreen returned to school, graduating from CNM and then UNM with a degree with honors in geography. Today she is a data analyst at UNM’s Geospatial and Population Studies. Her analyses help reduce DWIs and prevent traffic crashes. She also is an informal flag inspector, alerting businesses and organizations when their tattered flags need replacing.