As your councilwoman, I will work to:

Make Our Neighborhoods Safe – Ensure that community policing comes to our district, our police force is staffed to process crimes quickly and effectively, drunk drivers are caught, our streets are well lit, and our parks are safe.

Upgrade or Expand Our Community Resources – Ensure that our parks and dog runs are clean and inviting and that we have libraries, as well as community centers, with a full range of programs for children, teens, adults, and seniors.

Create a Vibrant Local Business Community – Support programs for local coffee shops, restaurants, retail outlets, service providers and other businesses that turn neighborhoods into communities and neighbors into friends.

Address the Crisis of Homelessness, Addiction, & Mental Illness – Partner with the state and county to create coordinated services among government and private organizations to offer effective, outcome-based programs to Albuquerque.

And I will stay engaged with the residents of District 8 by hosting town halls, attending neighborhood association meetings, holding office hours in the district and responding quickly when you reach out to me.


City Council District 8 Boundaries